Press release: People’s Tribunal on forced organ harvesting in China

PUBLIC HEARINGS – 8th, 9th, 10th December, Grand Connaught Rooms, London

PRESS CONFERENCE – 8th December, 10.30am (details below)

For the first time 30 fact witnesses and experts from around the world step forward to give evidence before an independent people’s tribunal chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC (former prosecutor of war crimes at the UN’s tribunal for the former Yugoslavia).

Joining Sir Geoffrey Nice is a panel of six members with backgrounds in international law, medicine, business, international relations and Chinese history. Mr HamidSabi will provide legal counsel, drawing on his expertise from the Iran Tribunal. The Tribunal will receive independent legal advice from around the world on the legal implications of factual findings they may make.

The Tribunal will investigate what criminal offences, if any, have been committed by state or state-approved bodies / organisations / individuals in China that may have engaged in forced organ harvesting.

Witnesses over the three days include Chinese refugees who have fled alleged persecution after being held in detention in China, medical professionals and investigators. The final day of the hearings lands on the 70th anniversary of International Human Rights Day. Time slots to attend are now open to public and can be booked via:

Findings will culminate in a final report to be released in 2019.

The Tribunal was initiated by the International Coalition To End Transplant Abuse In China (ETAC), an international not for profit, non-government charitable organisation comprising of a coalition of lawyers, academics, ethicists, medical professionals, researchers and human rights advocates dedicated to ending forced organ harvesting in China.

“The Tribunal is a warranted response to sustained and highly credible allegations concerning killing of prisoners of conscience for their organs in China. In order to address alleged crimes of this magnitude, the international community requires robust legal analysis concerning the liability of state or state-approved bodies/organisations in China that have engaged in forced organ harvesting. The Tribunal will provide this analysis, along with a transparent and permanent record of the evidence of forced organ harvesting.” Prof Wendy Rogers, Clinical Ethicist, Chair International Advisory Committee, ETAC

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